Football Giants need major changes

It will take a miracle for Giants GM Jerry Reese to put a contending team on the field in 2010. The team has too many needs. It needs to upgrade its safeties and linebackers, and add a defensive tackle. Plus, its offensive line is aging. (In previous drafts, the Giants could have drafted both Joe Thomas and Nick Mangold, but didn’t.) And its main running back, Brandon Jacobs, is too injury-prone. (They should have re-signed Derrick Ward.)

Why Reese didn’t upgrade both the safety and linebacker positions this past season befuddles me. For example, in the last draft he selected only two players who made a difference: Nicks and Beatty. Simtim and Beckum weren’t difference-makers. Barden didn’t play until the last game. Brown didn’t play at all because of an injury. Bomer, though not injured, didn’t play. And their final two draft choices, Wright and Woodson, didn’t even make the team.

Finally, of their three major free agent signings, Boley, Canty, and Bernard, Boley and Canty missed too many games because of injury and Bernard underperformed.

It’s unlikely that Reese will be able to acquire through the draft and free agency enough quality players to fill the Giants deficiencies, so unless a miracle happens and he does, don’t expect the Giants to be a playoff contender next season.

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