Giants’ draft may not improve team

The more I learn about the players the Giants drafted in the 2010 draft, the more I question GM Jerry Reese’s drafting ability. I think it’s over-rated. In a post-draft interview, he didn’t even know that Philip Dillard played outside linebacker last season.

Reese’s most questionable pick was Jason Pierre-Paul. Last season for South Florida he had only 6.5 sacks while starting only seven of the team’s 13 games.

If I were the Giant’s GM, after the Seahawks drafted Earl Thomas I would have traded down several picks to try to get another second-rounder. The Patriots have showed how smart it can be to do that.

Their third pick, Chad Jones, is also a questionable one. According to Russ Lande in the Sporting News, “He takes consistently poor angles and is a very poor tackler. He has poor instincts and plays so far back he struggles to even get involved in the play.” That’s not someone I would want to play safety on my team.

If I were to grade the Giants draft, I’d give them a C-. I think Reese took too much of a risk drafting Pierre-Paul #15 and then Chad Jones in the third round.

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