Yesterday’s Giants loss to the Panthers

Two men are most responsible for yesterday’s loss: Tom Coughlin and Jerry Reese. Reese is the person who signed Chris Canty and Rocky Bernard, failed to upgrade the safety position during the off-season, allowed Derek Ward to sign with another team, and drafted Ramses Barden in the third round, a player who has yet to play in a game. Coughlin must bear responsibility for making Bill Sheridan his defensive coordinator and for the team’s pathetic play in yesterday’s game.

To solve the problem, the first step is to replace the entire coaching staff, Coughlin included. The second step is to revamp the defense, starting at the safety and linebacker positions. The third step is to trade Brandon Jacobs. This season he was not the same player. Whether it was because of the big contract the team gave him, I don’t know. But the team needs to rebuild its running back core. Finally, the needs to upgrade its offensive line.

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