Giants Draft Gets an “A”

Steve Wyche, a writer on, recently graded each team’s draft performance. He gave the Giants an A.

Here’s what he said about the Giants’ draft:

With six picks in the first four rounds, the Giants appear to have hit it big. They went after their needs at wide receiver with Hakeem Nicks and Ramses Barden, both big targets, and they added depth at outside linebacker with Clint Sintim, at tackle with William Beatty and running back with Andre Brown. Brown could turn out to be the best of this talented lot.

What surprised me about Wyche’s comments was his belief that Brown could turn out to be the best player. Brown was listed among Gil Brandt’s top 100 prospects, but he was near the bottom of the list. The fact that he had to operated on twice for a left foot fracture likely affected his ranking.

You can read Wyche’s full review here.

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