New Did York Giants have best draft?

If you’re a Giants fan, you’ll love Chris Steuber’s review of the Giants 2009 draft. In his article, he rated the Giants as having the best draft.

I wouldn’t go that  far, but the Giants had a decent draft. None of their draft choices made me stand up and cheer.  Nicks could be a good player, but I read recently that the Giants had almost agreed on a deal with the Lions that would have enabled the G-Men to move up to the 20th slot in the draft, which they would have used to draft Jeremy Maclin. Unfortunately, the Eagles made a trade that got them the 19th slot, which they used to draft Maclin — and ended the Giants need to deal with the Lions.

I think that the weak spot in their draft was their last two choices. Neither DB was well-rated and one was only a backup. I’d be surprised if either makes the roster.

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