Today’s NFL Draft

I’ve been an avid reader of the various NFL mock drafts available on the Web. Few will be accurate. With regard to one team, the New York Giants, most mock drafts are predicting that the Giants will pick a wide receiver with their first-round pick. At least one predicted the Giants will choose a linebacker. And only one I saw predicted they will pick an offensive lineman: Eben Britton from Arizona.

I think if a quality offensive tackle is available, that’s who the Giants will select. Their current right tackle, Kareen McKenzie, will be 30 next month and did not have that good a season in 2008. Further, none of his backups have demonstrated the ability to take his place.

Then, with their first second-round pick (unless they trade for a wide receiver), I believe they’ll take either a wide receiver or a linebacker, whichever one is higher-rated on their board. With their other second-round pick, they’ll choose a player for the other position.

In the third round with their two picks, I think they will choose a safety and either an offensive guard or a center.

The fun begins at four o’clock.

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