Giants should stay away from Edwards

Last season, after New York Giants’ receiver Plaxico Burress pulled one of the bonehead acts of the year when he shot himself in the leg, his absence caused the team to limp into the playoffs. There, they lost to the Philadelphia Eagles, 23-11, despite having home-field advantage.

Given that no one knows when, if ever, Burress will return to the team, rumor has it that the Giants have tried to trade for the Browns’ Braylon Edwards. To get him, the Giants have offered the two draft picks they received from the Saints for Jeremy Shockey and either Mario Manningham or Dominick Hixon. The Browns countered by asking for Steve Smith, whom the Giants have refused to part with.

Regardless of what the Giants offered, I question why they’d want to give up so much for a receiver with butterfingers. Last season, in his first 10 games, Edwards dropped 10 passes. I wouldn’t trade two picks and a player for him even if the Browns threw in a tube of glue.

Sure, he had a great season in 2007. But after last year’s unexceptional performance, I’d just offer the Browns the Giants’ own second- and fifth-round picks (not the ones they got from the Saints). Let’s see how desperate the Browns are to get rid of Edwards.

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