Minaya: Sign Lowe

Now that the Mets have signed Tim Redding, are they a better team than they were last season? I doubt it. Career-wise, Redding has a losing record of 34-51. That’s not very good. Of his seven seasons in the Majors, he’s had only one winning season. In his best seasons, he’s won 10 games, something he did twice. In his last four seasons, his ERA was under four once.

In comparison, Oliver Perez won 10 games for the Mets last season. In his last four seasons his ERA was under four once and over six twice. He’ll cost them alot more money to sign, which I hope they don’t do. Too erratic.

Which leaves Derek Lowe. Of the three, he’s the only only with a winning percentage in his career. He’s won at least 12 games for the past seven seasons, though he had a winning record in only five of them. And in each of his last four seasons, his ERA was under four. He’d make a much bigger difference than would either Redding or Perez.

Minaya: Spend the money; sign Lowe.

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