An over-the-counter supplement costs player $1.25 million

In one of the stranger stories I’ve read in awhile, Philadelphia Phillies’ pitcher J. C. Romero has been suspended for the first 50 games of the 2009 season, a suspension that will cost him $1.25 million, for taking a supplement that he bought last July in a New Jersey GNC store.

Romero denies doing anything wrong. Before he took the supplement, he discussed it with Phillies strength and conditioning coach Dong Lien and with two nutritionists. Both nutritionists told him it was okay to take it, though Lien didn’t give it his approval.

When asked about the supplement, Romero said “Everyone takes something. Some guys drink coffee, others supplements. We try to make sure they’re all legal.”

Romero said that he tried to follow the rules; however, he did not call baseball’s drug hot line. By making that call he might have saved himself $1.25 million.

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