A tai chi picture

That’s not an alien in the picture. It’s a person doing tai chi, an exercise that is alien to many. The picture was developed using DAZ Studio, a 3D modeling program whose cost (It’s free) can’t compare to the benefits it offers.

It’s not easy to learn to use, however, it’s not like trying to learn physics or philosophy. It requires patience and perseverance.

The reason he lacks hair is that the basic 3D model that I used to create the picture didn’t include hair. I could buy hair. But I’m in no hurry to. America makes too big a deal out of hair. It’s a billion dollar business. I have less hair than when I was younger; however, I’ve never worn a toupee, considered getting hair implants, or colored my hair. But many men have chosen to go those routes, including Donald Trump.

Does it really make a difference? Only to people who judge others by their hair, which, to me, is a hairy thing to do.