Logan Verrett’s College Stats

Here are his 2011 stats at Baylor:

In 2011, opposing hitters got an extra base hit in 32% of his innings pitched and almost 36% of the hits he surrendered were for extra bases — much higher than in 2009 (26%) and 2010 (22%). I wonder what happened in 2011 to cause the increase in extra base hits.

Here are his stats for 2009 and 2010:

In 2009, hitters got an extra base hit in 35% of his innings pitched, while in 2010 they got at least a double in only 22% of the innings he pitched.

His 2011 season was the only one in which he did not strike out at least one batter an inning. A big plus is that in all three seasons he struck out more than three times as many batters as he walked.

Can Logan Verrett Be That Good?

In an article that appeared in the College Baseball Daily in 2009, its author, Brian Foley, wrote this about the Mets 2011 third-round draft choice, Logan Verrett:

If Verrett can become a more polished pitcher and get more consistent in throwing strikes, he can challenge Gerrit Cole for the top spot in the 2011 MLB Draft. We believe that Verrett will be able to find his game this season and become a solid starter in the Baylor rotation.

Cole was drafted #1 in 2011; Verrett was #101. If and when Verrett signs, I’ll be curious to see if he can live up to Foley’s words. If he can, he could be the steal of the draft.

Fulmer Close to Signing

It appears that the Mets second-round choice in the 2011 MLB draft, Michael Fulmer, has agreed to contract terms and will be signing it soon. When he signs, he’ll become the second high school player drafted this year to join the team. The other is Craig Missigman, a right-handed pitcher who was drafted 38th.

Among the Mets 2010 college draftees, Chad Sheppard pitched in his first pro game yesterday (for the GCL Mets) and also notched his first win. He was picked in 17th round out of Northwestern State University. He faced four batters, striking out three and walking one.

Cole Frenzel Seeking Over-Slot Dollars

In 2011, Cole Frenzel hit .346 (sixth-best in the PAC-10) while playing first base for the Arizona Wildcats; his OBP (.461) was the highest in the PAC-10, 35 points higher than the runner-up; however, his slugging percentage was only .465. Further, in 228 at bats, he struck out four more times than he walked, striking out 35 times (15% of his at bats). Drafted seventh by the Mets in 2011, Frenzel is seeking over-slot dollars to sign. Based on his stats, he appears worth an over-slot investment.