Logan Verrett’s College Stats

Here are his 2011 stats at Baylor:

In 2011, opposing hitters got an extra base hit in 32% of his innings pitched and almost 36% of the hits he surrendered were for extra bases — much higher than in 2009 (26%) and 2010 (22%). I wonder what happened in 2011 to cause the increase in extra base hits.

Here are his stats for 2009 and 2010:

In 2009, hitters got an extra base hit in 35% of his innings pitched, while in 2010 they got at least a double in only 22% of the innings he pitched.

His 2011 season was the only one in which he did not strike out at least one batter an inning. A big plus is that in all three seasons he struck out more than three times as many batters as he walked.

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