Conforto’s bad luck with fastballs

This season Michael Conforto has played only 51 games because of a right hamstring injury; however, in those games he has hit only .195 with an an SLG of .277 and an OBP of .342. His primary problem has been to get on base when the pitch is a fastball.

Against fastballs his batting average is .145. However, his xBA is 97 points higher, so Lady Luck has not been on Conforto’s side. Further, when he has put the fastball in play, which he has done 59 times, he has hit only four doubles and no home runs, resulting in an SLG of .193, 97 points lower than the xSLG of .385.

Against breaking balls and off-speed pitches he has had better luck, hitting .250 (xBA = .247).

Before this season, never hit less than .267 against fastballs, a pitch against which in 2020 he hit .327.

Conforto’s career stats against fastballs

Source: Baseball Savant

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