Statcast Search: Called Strikes

In 2019, which Met pitcher threw the most called strikes?

This post reveals how to find the answer using Statcast Search.


  • Pitch Result: Called Strike
  • Player Type: Pitcher
  • Team: Mets
  • Season: 2019
  • Season Type: Regular

You can view the Search Results here.

Noah Syndergaard threw the most called strikes — 3095.

Among the starters, was that the highest percentage of called strikes?

To answer that, change the Position setting to “SP.” In the Search Results, the Pitch % column contains the answer. If the column is not in descending order, click the column title until it is.

The starter with the highest percentage of pitches that were called strikes was Steven Matz. Of the 2,702 pitches he threw, 479 were called strikes. That is 17.7%.

Noah Syndergaard had the third highest called-strike percentage.