Statcast Primer: Whiffs in Chase Zone

How many pitches in 2019 have Mets hitters swung at and missed that were in the Chase zone?

Statcast Search Settings
  • Pitch Result: Under “Group Select” click “Swing & Miss.” Four items will be selected: Foul Tip, Swinging Pitchout, Swinging Strike, Swinging Strike (Blocked).
  • Player Type: Batter
  • Team: Mets
  • Attack Zones: Under “Group Select” click “Chase.” Eight items will be selected (21-24, 26-29).
  • Season: 2019
  • Season Type: Regular Season
  • Min # of Total Pitches: 25 Pitches
  • Sort By: Pitches
  • Change Total Pitch Parameters: Click “Attack Zones.”
Search Results

Here are the qualifiers as of May 6, 2019 sorted by Pitches (results)

Mets Whiffs in Chase Zone — 2019 — ordered by number of whiffs
Analysis of Results

Pete Alonso whiffed on the most pitches (23) in the Chase zone, but Amed Rosario, who swung at and missed 22, had the highest percentage of whiffs — 20.2%. The lowest percentage belonged to J. D. Davis (5), but he also had the fourth-fewest qualifying plate appearances (67).

A narrowing of the results by limiting the search period to the last two weeks (i.e, starting from April 22) revealed a change. Alonso still whiffed on the most Chase zone pitches (13) and now had the second-highest whiff percentage (18.3%), but Wilson Ramos had the highest percentage (21.4%) and the second-most whiffs (9).

Mets whiffs in Chase zone — 2019 — ordered by whiff percentage

Good news was that Rosario’s percentage dropped about eight points to 12.0%, meaning he was likely showing more plate discipline.

Note: To limit the search to the last two weeks, for “Game Date >=” select April 22 from the calendar that appears, a sample of which is shown below.

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