Ramos needs to narrow extra-base hits gap between him and Alonso

After 24 games, Pete Alonso leads the Mets with 16 extra-base hits.

He’s also sixth in Major League Baseball with 58 total bases. Further, his .682 slugging percentage is the highest on the team and the 13th-best in Major League Baseball.

At the opposite extreme is Wilson Ramos with an 24 total bases and an SLG of .333, the 25th-lowest one out of 186 players. So far this season, he has only two extra-base hits, a double and a homer.

A Mets pitcher, Zach Wheeler, has as many extra-base hits.

A noticeable difference between Alonso and Ramos is in their average launch angle. Alonso’s is 15.7º while Ramos’ is -1.8º. Alonso is getting much more lift on the balls he is hitting.

Ramos’ launch angle is the lowest this year in the five years that Statcast has measured it.

  • 2015: 4.5º
  • 2016: 4.8º
  • 2017: 5.9º
  • 2018: 4.4º
  • 2019: -1.8º

Ramos’ career launch angle is 4.5º.

Another difference is in their fly balls and ground balls. Alonso’s FB% is more than three times higher than Ramos’ while his GB% is just more than half of Ramos’.

FB%: 13.1%FB%: 41.4%
GB%: 65.6%GB%: 36.2%

A final big difference is in how many each has barreled. Alonso has barreled 15 of 58 batted balls; whereas, Ramos has barreled only 2 of 61 batted balls.

In 2016, while playing for the National, Ramos hit .307 with 22 home runs and a .496 SLG. The Mets need to figure out what he was doing then that he is not doing now.

✱ In the chart, the orange bars show the percent of pitches thrown to each batter that resulted in an extra-base hit. For example, in 2019 of the 433 pitches thrown while Pete Alonso was in the batter’s box, he hit 16 0f them, or 3.7%, for either a double, triple, or homer.

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