Mets Well-Stocked at Second Base

The Mets have made the competition for second base more interesting. As of today, six candidates will be challenging to man the position: Luis Castillo, Daniel Murphy, Ruben Tejada, Justin Turner, Brad Emaus, and Russ Adams.

Luis Castillo is a player with an inflated salary, a leftover from an era when Omar Minaya did for the Mets what Isiah Thomas did for the Knicks, overspending on players who underperformed. Fortunately, the Mets don’t have an Eddie Curry on their roster. Hopefully, Alderson will find another team willing to part with prospects to obtain Castillo’s services.

Daniel Murphy is a player whom the Mets misplayed when they tried to convert him into an outfielder. The team’s latest hope is that he can succeed at second base.

Ruben Tejada is a player who was pushed too soon into a starting position. He’d benefit by starting this season in Triple-A. Let’s see if the Mets have the wisdom to make that move.

Justin Turner should have been a September call-up. Why he wasn’t is mystifying. Last season in Buffalo he hit .333 with a .906 OPS. He deserves a shot at second base.

Brad Emaus is a 2010 Rule 5 selection. Why didn’t the Blue Jays protect him? Last season in Triple-A he hit .298 with an .890 OPS. Another player who should be given a fair chance to make the Mets starting lineup.

Russ Adams also played for Buffalo last season, hitting .264. As he’s 31, I’d rather see the Mets start the season with someone younger.


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