A “broken” breaking news story

The writing and editing of news stories isn’t being done with as much care as they used to be. The story below appeared in the New York Post and was written by Philip Messing. What caught my attention was its last sentence: “It is not known yet how many people were aboard during the accident.” Did its author forget that in its first sentence he wrote that 750 people were aboard the ferry? And did anyone copy-edit it?

A Staten Island ferry packed with 750 people slammed into a dock in Staten Island tonight, leaving nine on board with minor injuries, authorities said.

The accident occurred at about 7:10 p.m. in the St. George ferry terminal, on the north end of Staten Island.

“The boat came in kind of hard when it was docking,” said a law enforcement source.

Emergency crews are on the scene now. It is not known yet how many people were aboard during the accident.

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