Torre says “no,” decides to go

Joe Torre has guts.

When the Steinbrenner gang offered Torre only a one-year contract that included a $2.5 million cut in his base pay, Torre decided he rather be unemployed than the Yankees manager.

Of course, when you’re already a millionaire it’s easier to tell your boss what he can do with his “re-up” offer than when you’re just a “regular Joe.”

The Yankees reason for the one-third reduction in Torre’s base pay: The Yank haven’t won a World Series for seven years. However, Torre did lead the Yankees to four World Series championships.

The Pinstripe front office obviously undervalued the fact that during Torre’s tenure his Yankees teams won 1173 games, and his won-lost percentage was .605. Further, the team made it to the postseason all 12 times Torre held the managing reins and had won nine straight American League East titles.

That wasn’t good enough for the Steinbrenners. So they made an offer that wasn’t good enough for Torre even though he still would have been the highest-paid baseball manager.

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